Representative Arbitration Engagements:

Examples of pending and prior arbitrations include:


  • Energy domestic arbitration between two regulated public utilities regarding curtailment issues alleged to be the result of lack of prudent good utility practices in the maintenance of equipment under a Transmission Support Agreement. (Panel Chair)
  • Energy international construction arbitration between a Canadian general contractor and a Canadian subcontractor relating to alleged workmanship issues in the construction of a large power plant. (Panel Chair)
  • Wind energy dispute between the owner of a large wind power generation project and a large public utility over alleged curtailment issues arising under a long-term power purchase agreement. (Panel Chair)
  • Commercial arbitration relating to disputes regarding certain coal leases under a long-term asset purchase and production agreement. (Panel Chair)
  • Dispute Review Board: Conversion of existing coal and oil-fired plant to a 674MW combined cycle plant under an EPC contract. (DRB Panel Chair)
  • Energy arbitration relating to alleged delay and productivity issues with respect to the construction of a large solar farm. (Neutral Panelist)
  • Energy arbitration relating to the interpretation of the power purchase agreement (PPA) concerning payment of capacity and energy charges. (Neutral Panelist)
  • Energy construction arbitration between a general contractor and a subcontractor regarding alleged workmanship issues dealing with the drilling operations of a gas pipeline project. (Neutral Panelist)
  • Energy construction arbitration regarding a horizontal drilling and gas pipeline contract between a general contractor and a subcontractor regarding alleged breaches of contract relative to workmanship and delay and counterclaims regarding alleged non-payment for extra work performed due to unanticipated soil conditions. (Neutral Panelist)


  • International Commercial Arbitration between equipment supplier and EPC Contractor regarding dispute for non-payment and counterclaims with respect to equipment defects. (Sole Arbitrator)
  • Construction arbitration between the Owner and the Design-builder related to alleged breaches of contract, warranty and professional negligence covering work performed in the design and construction of a food processing facility. (Panel Chair)
  • Construction arbitration between a general contractor and a subcontractor related to alleged breaches of contract regarding payment of prevailing wages in accordance with the Davis Bacon Act under a government facilities contract. (Panel Chair)
  • Commercial arbitration between a general contractor and a subcontractor regarding alleged damages as the result of alleged defects in the construction of a dual phase extraction system. (Sole Arbitrator)
  • Construction arbitration between an owner and contractor regarding alleged breaches of contract, unpaid contract balances, delays, cost-overruns, change orders, productivity losses, consumer fraud, and workmanship on a large big box shopping complex development. (Neutral Panelist)
  • International arbitration between a U.S. owner and international European (German) supplier of machinery and equipment regarding alleged breaches under the purchase order agreements related to issues of delay and performance of machinery and equipment for an ethanol plant. (Neutral Panelist)
  • Commercial dispute between the EPA’s designated cleanup parties and the remediation contractor regarding an EPA environmental cleanup of a landfill for battery casings and acids concerning contract scope of work, soil sampling, waste disposal, and associated cost overruns and delay-related damages. (Neutral Panelist)
  • Construction arbitration between an Owner and Architect regarding alleged breaches of standard of care on an addition to a large hospital. (Neutral Panelist)
  • Construction Arbitration regarding alleged termination/abandonment of contract of a school project as the result of alleged non-payment. (Neutral Panelist)
  • Construction arbitration between homeowner and contractor regarding alleged latent defects. (Sole Arbitrator).
  • Commercial arbitration between an individual and a Debt Relief Company regarding a Consumer Protection Act complaint for damages alleging issues of conspiracy, criminal and predatory business practices in violation of State Statutes that protect customers from predatory debt adjuster fee practices. (Sole Arbitrator)